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June 27, 2012
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A Lesson in Interrogation! by Foot-paws A Lesson in Interrogation! by Foot-paws

In the middle of his cell, Kielie sits on an old chair, his face deeply buried in his hands. It wasn’t a particularly comfortable chair, just four metal legs and an open back, but the only alternative would be the piece of cloth were he was sleeping earlier by the corner.
A loud banging at the door startles the African wild dog, making him fall from his prison chair. For a few seconds, the loud beating of his own heart fills his ears, drowning out all other noise and keeping him from realizing no one had entered his cell.
The sounds of a struggle followed by desperate yelping emanate from the very next room. Stern authoritarian voices can be heard through the cell walls "Come on now. Up, you piece of shit! It's your turn now."
As screams and a sickening laughter fill the prison hall the wild dog crawls over to his “bed” and curls up in the corner, trying to block out the horrifying thoughts of what could be to in store for him.
Could it be that he would be next in line for whatever twisted fate had fallen on his neighbouring prisoner? And what could he possibly have to offer the soldiers who captured him? He was simply a lower class African wild dog, a mongrel who played guitar in the streets for mere change with no more than a single cloth draped over his shoulder and around his waist. What could he possibly offer his captors when he himself had nothing?

Out in the yard a young golden retriever by the name of Karl Reid, nicknamed Goldy by his fellow soldiers, unpacks his gear after a successful mission to capture the enemy rebels.
Still feeling energetic from the rush of his last mission he steps in front of his superior officer, a short but stern looking badger who had been put in charge of the latest operation.
Giving a salute, he proceeds to report to his lieutenant "That last mission was a complete success, sir. We had no casualties and the dogs are already eager to get on with the next move."
The badger, while small in size, had an intimidating aura about him "We would move if we could just find the location of the enemy forces main hideout. Fortunately our boys on Intel are working on some info gathering as we speak".
Goldy’s ears perk up a little at those words "Info gathering... you mean they're interrogating the prisoners we just took in?"
The badger replies, furrowing his eyebrows "What of it, private? We do what's necessary to get the job done."
"Oh no, sir, I have nothing against it. On the contrary, I'm all for it but if we can’t move forward until these filthy mutts have given us what we need then I would be more than happy to help with the, uh, process".
His lieutenant looks him up and down, a strange look in his eyes, like he could see something besides the visible on the young retriever "You think you have what it takes to break a dog?"
"Yes, sir!" the golden retriever sharply responds.
Looking pensive for a moment, the lieutenant agrees "OK. But I will be the one to show you the ropes. Come with me".

The two walk into the prison block and find that most of the cells have already been emptied, apart from a locked one at the end of the hall. It is also apparent no one else is about.
"Perfect." the badger smiles. Goldy raises an eyebrow but doesn't question it, as his superior walks over to the locked door and pulls out his ring of keys.
The badger readies his pistol "I’ll make sure the prisoner cooperates and you deal with the restraints. There is some rope and a long pole in that other cell...” he pointed ” Bring them both and get ready, OK?”
The badger unlocks the door and slams it open, pointing his gun in toward the startled wild dog in the corner.
"Stand up, turn and face the wall. Slowly!" he commands in a lowered, threatening tone. Kielie stands up and turns around, trembling all over. Suddenly, he feels two pairs of paws pushing him against the wall and pulling his arms behind him. The badger and the retriever tie his wrists to the ends of the pole in order to keep his arms outstretched, leaving him open and vulnerable.
The badger checks the knots to make sure everything is secure before turning the wild dog back around. With but a strong pull he strips off his only garment. Kielie immediately tries to lift a leg to cover himself, an action impaired by his own nervous shaking. His humiliation is made worse as the badger looks down at his exposed body.
"Since you’re in such a revealing mood, how about you tell us where the rebel base is?"
The wild dog, still trembling, pulls himself together enough to respond in a high-pitched voice "I.. Please, I don't know what you're talking about, I know nothing. If I did I would tell you everything. Please!"
The badger pushes him to the ground, facing upward. "Goldy!"
"Bring that chair over here and close the door".
After clicking the door shut, Goldy drags the chair over, feeling butterflies in his stomach. Although he is nervous, he can’t help but feel excited by the events unfolding before him. Not without sympathy, he asks the prisoner what his name is but is interrupted by his superior "What are you, best friends? Hurry and put his legs through the back there and stand on it for me. That should stop him from going anywhere."
Again, without question, he grabs Kielie’s ankles and helps feed the wild dog’s legs through the back of the chair, putting a foot on it afterwards, so that the prisoner’s legs are locked upward and unable to move.
The wild dog wines desperately "Please, I don't know why this is even happening... Please stop!”
Goldy turns to the badger, who is already tying the wild dog’s ankles to the chair.
"Sir, isn't this just one of the civilians we picked up? I genuinely don’t think he’s the type to have any information." He looks back at the now completely immobilized dog to find him nodding in agreement.
"That's right, I'm just a civilian!" he says, with a sense of relief and an awkward smile on his face.
Pulling the last knot tight, the badger looks up and grins. "HA! I know he hasn’t got any information. I just wanted to see if you had what it takes to make one of these mutts squirm!” Looking back over Kielie with a cruel grin, he comments “You shouldn’t have gone and made him all hopeful.”
The wild dog looks over at Goldy, his eyes wide with fear "NO! Please, please... there's nothing to gain from any of this. I’ll do anything! Just say and I'll do it. Just untie me!"
Goldy’s eyes sharpen up, an inner predatory desire to torment his prey burning through his insides, consuming any pity he felt for the unfortunate dog under him.
Making his decision, the golden retriever’s eyes suddenly become cold like steel, as if this was what he truly wanted all along "Sir, could you pass me a bit of his rag?”
His lieutenant proudly nods and hands him the cloth, which he uses to wraps around the prisoners head as a makeshift blind fold. Their subject whines loudly but it falls on deaf ears.
"You know what will really get him squirming without upsetting the Geneva Conventions?" the badger extends his long digging claws out and rakes them down the full length of his victim’s immobilised feet. He lets out a huge howl and fights desperately against his restraints, but his efforts are in vain.
“Na-ha-ha-ha, no! Stop! Wha-ha-ha-hat are you do-ho-ho-hoing?!” he yells out in surprise, confused by his tormentors' actions.
Seeing his victim wriggling beneath his foot makes Goldy excited. Unable to contain himself any longer he reaches down and begins to torment the wild dogs under arms, again sending him into a frenzy. He watches as he twists and turns what little he can, trying to guess and avoid the next relentless attack.
“Please stHAp! I-hahaha-I be-heg of you! Naaah!” he giggles and wails as he trys to fight his restraints, trembling all over with no clue as to where his tormentors will tickle him next.
"Right then... let’s give him hell." the badger says, a toothy grin spreading over his face, as he preps his claws for a more intense and sustained tickling.
"Yessir!" Goldy replies as they begin another onslaught against there helpless victim, tickling him to tears and without mercy, taking great pleasure in every flinch and yelp as they poke and prod away at Kielie’s bound and exposed soles and body. So as not to allow Kielie a break, the two alternate there sadistic torment for a continuous and unbearable tickling session..!

Hours later the pair leave the cell, stretching their fingers out in a satisfied manner. “That wasn’t a bad display, for your first.” the lieutenant comments, seemingly satisfied with Goldy’s performance.
“Thank you.” Goldy can’t hide a subtle smile “ …Out of curiosity, sir, what was he yammering on about when he stopped speaking in English?”
“Eh, nothing of interest. Instinct takes over and they all start yelling in their own tongue. You’ll learn to ignore it.”
Getting outside, the badger notices a tall, burly German shepherd on the yard, addressing four other soldiers. It was the Colonel, probably giving them new instructions.
“Come with me, Goldy.” the badger orders.
Following his superior, they approach the Colonel just as he was finished with his prior business.
“Good afternoon, sir.” the badger salutes him, Goldy following suit.
“Gentlemen.” he replies and returns the gesture, a tired but patient look in his eyes.
“Forgive me for the interruption, but I believe I may have found a new candidate for our Inquisition Team.” The lieutenant speaks solemnly, slightly motioning towards the golden retriever.
“Is that so?” the Colonel asks “Does he have the mental fortitude for such a heavy burden?”
“He’s a natural. Besides, I will give him the same training regimen you gave me, sir.”
“Now, son…” the German shepherd turns and directly addresses Goldy “ may have pulled it off once, but this is a task that takes a strong toll on one’s mind. Are you sure you can repeat it as many times as necessary?” one of his eyebrows lifts.
Goldy's mind is already contemplating going back inside for another round with his still bound prisoner, and only one answer is possible.
“Yes, sir.” he replies confidently, a smile taking over his lips “I can.”

Characters and story are of my own creation and mark my first years anniversary of doing furry tickle art.
Also venombahamut helped to produce this story. Thank you and enjoy!
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wolfin22 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
ever gonna continue with more of goldy?
TheFunnySpider Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Still the best way to interrogate someone... :iconevilgrinplz:
SabjeBammie Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Read it for the 5th time, and it stays great to read! A part 2 (and possible more) would be great :D
Venombahamut Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
I do consider myself a writer, and I thank you for your compliments. Makes me happy you enjoyed the story so much that you keep reading it. ^^
SabjeBammie Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are a very goodwriter, keep up the good work and amuse us with your talent :D
Venombahamut Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Thank you! I hope I can keep entertaining you all with tickle tales. :)

I'm actually working on a piece or two, so keep an eye open for more. ;)
Foot-paws Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thats at least 2 more times then I have read it lol.

Well I dont consider myself much of a writer but Im glad you like it.
Venombahamut Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Lies. I seem to recall You read it at least three times. ^_-
Orangeput33 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013
Very nice work, this poor Wild Dog^^
Foot-paws Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Im sure he will be fine... Maybe...?

Well at least the others are having fun!
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